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Tom D’Frick, readies official video for “La Read” — See BTS Photos

Tom D’Frick — The Aflao based Rapper read is the official video for his latest single “La Read”.

Dropped about 3 weeks ago, the fashionable Rapper hints of an official video for the new Hip-hop single dropping soon.

This whole new wave inspired by Medikal’s “La Hustle” has inspired other Ghanaian Rappers to drop their version of similar drill beats and concept.

Stream “La Read” here on Digital Stores:

For Tom D’Frick it’s not even about just Medikal but a way to educate and motivate the young ones to take education seriously. His version is finely intertwined with Ewe (one of the popular Ghanaian languages). This rapper always represents his home base with each song he drops.

You might wanna check out a snippet of the video ‘behind the scenes’ he posted on his Instagram page a while ago.


Listen to the song here on YouTube:

Be on the lookout for the official video!

(Source: Elorm Beenie)

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