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Boosting your metabolism tasty & sweet

Whenever you’re flying, you’re probably not thinking about your metabolism. I mean, why would you? However you’re not getting any younger and when you’re scarfing down unhealthy plane snacks, chances are your metabolism just isn’t working like it used to. Don’t worry though, there are lots of options that won’t damage your wallet or your palate. These are the four best snacks you should take with you whenever you fly next. Heck, incorporate them to your everyday life!


Superfood? Push, that’s an understatement. Avocados might be mocked at times by the weight loss world as they’re high in fat, however, it’s the good kind of fat (monounsaturated). Therefore don’t feel bad munching on avocado. Whether it’s on wheat toast, in an avocado, or even some guacamole. Just don’t overdo it, as it is high in fat, even if the good kind. Monounsaturated fats help increase your metabolism so you burn fat quicker, and it’s packed with fibre and protein.


With 500 MG of vitamin C, why wouldn’t you bring oranges with you? They’re easy to dish up, easy to transport, and they’re incredibly tasty. Plus, you won’t be as likely to catch a cold when you land to your new destination. Now that’s quite the benefit. As oranges have four times the recommended amount of vitamin C, your fat-burning abilities are therefore increased by about 50%. If you’re serious about weight, consume oranges for about 12 weeks to see results.


Pretty much are raspberries can help in the weight loss department. This super tiny red fruit has 8g of fibre by the cup and only 60 calories per serving. Those numbers are tough to beat! Add raspberries to cereal, yoghurt, ice cream, or just eat plain.


As far as metabolism boosters, grapefruit top the list. This citrus is brimming with fibre meaning you’ll feel full for much longer. Also, the galacturonic acid in grapefruit helps your body breakdown fat easily.


(By Kojo Ankrah)

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